Four Household Technology That Are Must Haves Now

hd television

Your home is the place where you can truly customize without having to worry about what anyone else says. As the world evolves and technology becomes more and more important to our daily lives, a need for compartmentalizing is something that is increasing. Here, were going to discuss four must have pieces of technology that belong in every home. Let us dig right into it with number 1.

1. High Definition Television

These things just keep getting better and better. In the not so far future, you will be able to basically touch the water right through your television! A high def tv is a must have because of all the information and entertainment that can be had through some wonderful channels, like the Discovery and History channel. There are just so many things out in the world that you need to see once in your life, and a high definition tv allows you to do that without breaking the bank and traveling everywhere. The next time you have a couple of hours free, crank up that Discovery channel and catch some incredible places with a piece of technology that comes as close to reality as humanly possible.

2. An electric shaver or trimmer

Just about every household has at least one male residing in it. Well, men want to grow thick beards right? And they surely do so if their hair lets them. So here is where technology meets personal grooming, and it comes in the form of an electric trimmer. Electric trimmers are your basic shaving tool like a razor, except it is a piece of technology that is much more convenient and user friendly. Men who already own one will know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here is a great place to find the best trimmer for men.

3. A computer or tablet

While the rise of tablets is clear as day, personal computers are still the kings when it comes to the house. Because the world around us is becoming more in tune with the internet, a computer or …

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Yahoo Changing Their Safety Settings: Following Facebook’s Footsteps

yahoo homepage

The American multinational company Yahoo will now alert its users when it discovers an outbreak on user’s confidentiality and accounts by state-funded hackers. Yahoo, on last Tuesday, reported that it will send assertive alerts to its users in the form of notifications. These alerts will allow the users to take basic measures so as to make their accounts secure. Yahoo assured that these alerts will be spawned only when it was convinced of a possible attempt to breach the user confidentiality.

The tech company pursued footsteps of Google and Facebook however Yahoo preferred not to disclose the specifics of how these tech giants recognize or tried to ascertain apprehensive actions. Yahoo also revealed the measures that can aid in protecting the user account information.

As per Yahoo’s Chief Information Security officer Bob Lord, few steps that can be taken promptly subsequent to the generation of an alert include:

  • Users who practice conventional passwords are recommended to turn on Account Keys, which assign push notifications to an authorized Yahoo app to acknowledge users to gain access left out the password. Another choice is to opt for Two-Step verification where users need to accept the sign-in request alerts by entering a received code.
  • Users are also suggested to modify their passwords promptly and try to opt for stronger passwords for fresh login details such as a mixed-up combo of alphabets, symbols and characters which none of the web pages have used earlier. However be focused on setting details regarding your Account Recovery Information as it is an important tool to recover the passwords in case they are hijacked or lost.
  • Users are also advised to monitor the latest actions in their account settings for login history which they do not identify. Apprehensive actions apparently indicate that the account has been commandeered. The users should also pay attention to ‘reply-to’ and mail forwarding settings in order to ensure that emails are not being sent to any obscured account.
  • The company also advised users to take notice of phishing attacks, such as if by mistake you type instead of yahoo, and then you

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A review of the Zune 2! A Look At The Past

Relevant background

We know that this is one is almost ancient now, but it is so good that it still deserves to be mentioned today. The 80GB Zune 2 by Microsoft is the second generation hard drive based player in the Zune mp3 player line. Building on popular features from the first generation Zune player such as WiFi sharing, an FM tuner, and a large display for better media viewing. The Zune 2 line launched 2 months after Apple refreshed their iPod line with the Touch and Classic.

Out of the box

After I was able to successfully find a Zune 80 (which was admittedly harder than I expected as there was a shortage) the first thing that jumped out at me was the design of the packaging. The box was very sleek and looked very appealing, with the signature orange to pink Zune gradient on the bottom.

One thing I found very interesting was Zunes decision to not include an installation CD in the box (the box was too small to fit a CD anyhow). This means after opening the box I found that in order to update and sync my new mp3 player I had to download and install the Zune software from the internet. Now for me this was not a problem at all, but I can imagine that there are people out there that don’t have access to the internet all the time to this could be a major inconvenience.

Physical Impressions

There was a lot of strong opinions about the appearance of the original Zune 30GB models. Many people really liked the refreshing difference in styling that the Zune had in comparison to the iPod, but just as many people were claiming that the Zune was the ugliest mp3 player they had seen. It seems Microsoft decided to take a safer route when they designed the look of the second generation Zune players. With a sleek matte black finish on the front and a brushed aluminum backing the Zune 80 is easily the best looking portable media player I have ever seen, really.
Zune red
The large …

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Five “Green” Mobile Apps For The Modern Earthling

Mobile apps, like everything else today, are going green. From finding charging stations for your electric car to choosing green products in the store, apps can help you be kinder and gentler to the environment. After searching and looking long and hard I have finally found the best apps to use for your green and bright lifestyle. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

Here are five earth-friendly apps that you might want to check out:

Cost2Drive (iOS, $1.99)
This app lets you calculate the fuel costs of various routes throughout the United States and also find the most inexpensive gas. It factors in the fuel efficiency of your car as well as gas prices, and it also compares driving to flying for trips over 200 miles.

EarthFriend (iOS, Free)
EarthFriend provides users with environmental facts and data, as well as games related to a variety of environmental issues.

GoodGuide (iOS & Android, Free)
The GoodGuide app helps you make environmentally-sound purchasing decisions by providing ratings of over 12,000 personal care, food and household products. The app also allows you to scan barcodes to retrieve ratings while shopping, search and look up products by name, and create personalized shopping lists based on products and issues that interest you.

Green Gas Saver (iOS, Free)
With its on-screen gauges and warning tones, this app helps you to monitor the fuel efficiency of your car and warns you if you’re driving too fast, turning too hard, or taking other actions that will hurt your car’s gas mileage.

PlugShare (iOS & Android, Free)
This app lets you find charging stations around the U.S. for electric cars, motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles. It was created by Palo Alto-based Xatori, a company that focuses on electric vehicle (EV) software. The app includes both public charging stations and a network of individuals willing to share their electricity with others on the road.

So there you go, five real life apps that can help you in your path to being green right from your mobile phone. While you may not find a use for all, at least …

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A Look At The Rise Of Remote Employment

In the last decade or so the Internet has opened up a wide variety of possibilities for the writing profession, which has been in some decline in recent years due to a potential difficulty getting into the field, the average difficulty in finding work, and other significant factors such as the rising costs of education, and financial recession placing beginners and practiced professionals on the same plane of job competition.

While technology does not solve all of these problems, and may have had it’s fair share in causing some of them, it also presents possible avenues for recovery through widely accessible low cost publishing options. As a result, an increased number of people are considering writing due to the web-based  advantages it provides namely Remote Employment, Visibility, and Opportunity Access.

The Birth Of Remote Employment

“Remote Employment” refers to the concept that the Twenty-First Century writer, in many circumstances, does not need to be physically near the source of employment or their place of publication. This does not only come in handy for the every-day work from home writer, but also for travel writers and researchers who are now more free to travel to sites or places of interest without a delay in the writing process. While the “leisure” of not needing to live near publisher has long drawn individuals to the writing based careers, it’s certainly easier to meet a deadline when a document can be e-mailed rather than sent through the post.

The Internet is also a place where writers can search for long or short term employment through any number of websites. This is the idea behind the phrase “Opportunity Access”, as certainly it has never before been easier for a writer to locate a wide variety of employment opportunities. Depending on the complexity of a project the modern writer can be working on several jobs all at once with the ability to quickly find more jobs when under-occupied, or stop job searching to focus on a particular task. This also allows a gateway into the profession for non-professional writers, along with the opportunity to hone …

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence And Where It Is Headed

robotic apple

Logic will take you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere.

~Albert Einstein
It is true that human intelligence knows no bounds. From stepping onto the moon to discovering the deepest sea-pits, there is nothing that human mind has not contemplated and consequently accomplished. Designing intelligent systems and machines is an ongoing human quest that we continue to progress in. The advancements in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are without a doubt a testimony to the success we have been having. But how does this affect us?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, refers to the exhibition of intelligent or smart actions and decisions by the man-made or artificial systems and programs.

These machines and systems have been designed so as to emulate the human thought process. For all theoretical purposes, the AI based systems can be designed to perform any job, no matter how dull or critical it might be.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of designing an artificial intelligent system is to grant thinking and perceiving ability to the systems and machines designed by the humans. Based on their perception, such systems are able to make logical decisions so as to enhance the probability of meeting the end goals. The applications of artificial intelligence are far and wide. From use in entertainment such as intelligent robotic toys to extremely important jobs such as fire-fighting, there is nothing that an artificial intelligence based system can’t do.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Human Life

Though the field of artificial intelligence is still rather in embryonic stages, its effects on human life are already becoming apparent with each passing day.

1. Education and Learning

It can be said conclusively that the effects of artificial intelligence would be quite far reaching. Such systems will enable rapid progress in all field of life including engineering, medical, education etc. There might be no more need of any proper schools as one could have an intelligent teacher at home and thus learn all one wants from it readily without having to lug a backpack to school. The best …

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