A Look At The Rise Of Remote Employment

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In the last decade or so the Internet has opened up a wide variety of possibilities for the writing profession, which has been in some decline in recent years due to a potential difficulty getting into the field, the average difficulty in finding work, and other significant factors such as the rising costs of education, and financial recession placing beginners and practiced professionals on the same plane of job competition.

While technology does not solve all of these problems, and may have had it’s fair share in causing some of them, it also presents possible avenues for recovery through widely accessible low cost publishing options. As a result, an increased number of people are considering writing due to the web-based  advantages it provides namely Remote Employment, Visibility, and Opportunity Access.

The Birth Of Remote Employment

“Remote Employment” refers to the concept that the Twenty-First Century writer, in many circumstances, does not need to be physically near the source of employment or their place of publication. This does not only come in handy for the every-day work from home writer, but also for travel writers and researchers who are now more free to travel to sites or places of interest without a delay in the writing process. While the “leisure” of not needing to live near publisher has long drawn individuals to the writing based careers, it’s certainly easier to meet a deadline when a document can be e-mailed rather than sent through the post.

The Internet is also a place where writers can search for long or short term employment through any number of websites. This is the idea behind the phrase “Opportunity Access”, as certainly it has never before been easier for a writer to locate a wide variety of employment opportunities. Depending on the complexity of a project the modern writer can be working on several jobs all at once with the ability to quickly find more jobs when under-occupied, or stop job searching to focus on a particular task. This also allows a gateway into the profession for non-professional writers, along with the opportunity to hone their skills on smaller projects that often have shorter time commitments. This also ties into the concept of “Visibility”; whether an-unpaid blogger, or a beginning writer, it is easier now than ever for the average person, with enough talent, to construct a professional portfolio, and build a name for one’s self in the market.

Remote Employment and some aspects of Opportunity Access have been active draws to the field prior to the advent of the Internet, though the Internet doubtlessly improves on both of these aspects considerably, and undeniably makes the construction of an image into the financially achievable range.

Social Implications For Online Typists


The social implications of being a writer have also substantially changed over time. Where once writing was a common and respected profession, the demand for writers declined for a time, making employment in the field appealing but risky. The Internet has since made the writer more common, though the reputation for online writers is not as glamorous as the conventional stereotype, with the modern writer often being generally assumed to be lazy, vain, and unprofessional.

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