The Rise of Artificial Intelligence And Where It Is Headed

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Logic will take you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere.

~Albert Einstein
It is true that human intelligence knows no bounds. From stepping onto the moon to discovering the deepest sea-pits, there is nothing that human mind has not contemplated and consequently accomplished. Designing intelligent systems and machines is an ongoing human quest that we continue to progress in. The advancements in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are without a doubt a testimony to the success we have been having. But how does this affect us?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, refers to the exhibition of intelligent or smart actions and decisions by the man-made or artificial systems and programs.

These machines and systems have been designed so as to emulate the human thought process. For all theoretical purposes, the AI based systems can be designed to perform any job, no matter how dull or critical it might be.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of designing an artificial intelligent system is to grant thinking and perceiving ability to the systems and machines designed by the humans. Based on their perception, such systems are able to make logical decisions so as to enhance the probability of meeting the end goals. The applications of artificial intelligence are far and wide. From use in entertainment such as intelligent robotic toys to extremely important jobs such as fire-fighting, there is nothing that an artificial intelligence based system can’t do.

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Human Life

Though the field of artificial intelligence is still rather in embryonic stages, its effects on human life are already becoming apparent with each passing day.

1. Education and Learning

It can be said conclusively that the effects of artificial intelligence would be quite far reaching. Such systems will enable rapid progress in all field of life including engineering, medical, education etc. There might be no more need of any proper schools as one could have an intelligent teacher at home and thus learn all one wants from it readily without having to lug a backpack to school. The best …

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